Nature has developed technical solutions that have already been optimized over millions of Years. With biomimicry, we lift this treasure trove of knowledge for you.

Lightweight Design

Lightweight design makes components more efficient: more cost-efficient, more material-efficient and more performance-efficient.

Additive Manufacturing

The optimum geometry is no longer limited by strict limitations of the manufacturing process.

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Technical Consulting

Added value through faster decision making for early strategic decisions.

technical consulting

Software Engineering

Our software tools enable the generation of product characteristics and information for product development.

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Digital Twin Simulation

Development of a digital image of reality, for the interpretation & validation of the component design.


SinusPro - creating unique solutions

We are an independent engineering company based in Graz / Austria.

Since 2008 we have been simulating, optimizing and calculating components in the fields of automotive, electromobility, industry as well as research and development.

Our solutions are unique on the market due to the combination of biomimicry, lightweight design ,additive manufacturing and simulation.

Our team consists of highly qualified calculation engineers, computer scientists, certified project managers and software developers.

The experience of "old hands" combined with the speed and flexibility of "young foxes" - this is how we have convinced both European and Asian OEMs from the aerospace, automotive, motorsport and general mechanical engineering sectors of our know-how.

Our offer for you

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Nature has developed technical solutions that have already been optimized over millions of Years. With biomimicry, we lift this treasure trove of knowledge for you.

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Lightweight Design

Lightweight design makes components

  • more cost-efficient
  • more material-efficient
  • more efficient
additively manufactured gear

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers the freedom to modify geometry to achieve optimum strength, durability and part weight.

technical consulting

Technical Consulting

Our professional and independent expertise reduces the effort and risks in the initial phase of development to a minimum.

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Software Engineering

Our software tools accelerate your component optimizations and generate important product parameters.

Digital Twin Simulation

The Digital Twin simulation maps the component virtually with the aim of enabling efficient and comprehensive development of the component.

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Your advantages

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Bionics, Simulation & Engineering

We combine biomimicry with simulation and engineering. Many years of experience make this combination a unique service: You get the optimal component from us - perfectly optimized and matched to your requirements.

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Lightweight design for additive manufacturing and conventionally manufactured parts

In lightweight construction, we are not only experts in 3D printing, but also optimize conventionally manufactured series parts made of steel, castings, plastics or laminates.

part light construction

Industrially implementable solutions

Our solutions do not only exist in a purely academic scientific way on paper, but are actually professionally and industrially implementable.

Risk minimisation

Planability & risk minimization

We optimize the quality and function of your components as early as the development phase. By using simulation, optimization and additive manufacturing software, we can optimally prepare components for production. This eliminates time-consuming adaptation processes (tools, assembly systems, etc.) and you are always on the safe side.

competitive advantage

One step ahead of the competition

Frontloading - The development strategy "frontloading" aims to collect as much data as possible about a product in good time and to combine it with empirical values from downstream areas (production, sales, etc.).

  • more efficient implementation
  • shorter development periods
  • faster time-to-market
  • reduced start-up difficulties
  • higher product quality
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Objectivity with letter and seal

We are an independent engineering office with expert status and guarantee you the objective assessment of your component by our experts.

More advantages for you

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In lightweight construction, we are not only experts in 3D printing, but also optimize conventionally manufactured series parts made of steel, castings, plastics or laminates.

Lead time reduction

Reduction of processing time

Simplification makes it possible to reduce the processing times of your components and thus save manufacturing costs.


Simplification & additional functions

Thanks to our experience and creativity, we succeed in simplifying your components. In most cases we can implement an additional function integration.


Stability & durability

We increase the stability and strength of your components, helping to extend their service life.

Save energy

Emission & energy consumption

By reducing component weight, we usually also realize a reduction in emissions (e.g. of a vehicle), both in production and on the road.

Assembly costs

Reduction TCO

Total Cost of Ownership

Our focus goes beyond manufacturing costs. We consider the entire life cycle of a component and develop the most cost-effective solution for you.

Assembly costs

Reduction of assembly costs

Minimal manufacturing costs are one thing. But since we always keep an eye on the entire process, we also optimise the financial outlay for the assembly of a component.

Component strength

Increase in component strength

Lighter does not necessarily mean less stable. By applying our knowledge of biomimicry and materials, we ensure the strength of the components despite the reduced weight.

What customers say about us

"We value SinusPro as specialists in topology optimization."


Jürgen Uhrich

Head of Simulation Drive

"In my function as the responsible engine designer for KTM's roadracing engines, I got to know SinusPro as a reliable and competent partner for FEM calculations of engine structural components as well as for EHD calculations of engine plain bearings. The cooperation was in every aspect professional, trustful and respectful and provided important contributions for the new development and/or optimization of engine assemblies."


Kurt Trieb

Head of technology road racing motorsports

"We have maintained close and regular cooperation with the engineers at SinusPro for many years, as their structure and range of services have been optimally adapted to our needs and requirements. Especially in the area of thermal simulation for cryogenic applications, we know SinusPro as a reliable partner, which allows us to efficiently handle development orders."

Magna-Steyr Aerospace

DI (FH) Dr. techn. Martin Stubenrauch

Head of Engineering

“Für das Traktorenwerk Lindner hat das Thema Leichtbau und Gewichtsoptimierung mit SinusPro aktuell einen sehr hohen Stellenwert. Durch die gute Zusammenarbeit mit SinusPro haben wir in unseren zahlreichen innovativen Entwicklungsprojekten der letzten Jahre alle unsere Ziele hinsichtlich Leichtbau, Simulation, Qualität und Termintreue erreicht.”

Many thanks to the entire SinusPro team!

Tractor factory Lindner GmbH

Ing. Stefan Lindner

Managing Partner // Head of Technology

"On the subject of lightweight construction through topology optimization, we have come to know and appreciate SinusPro as an experienced, professional and very flexible partner. SinusPro impresses us as a specialist in the field of simulation or digital twin in every new project. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with SinusPro, we have been able to inspire our customers by extending our engineering services. I would like to emphasize that SinusPro's expertise has taken us a big step forward in the optimization of our products."

Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei Ges.m.b.H.

Peter Fuchs Dipl.-Ing., MBA

Leitung Founderei / Head of Foundry

"We have come to know SinusPro as a very professional partner in the field of biomimicry. In particular, the cooperation in various research projects has provided important insights into the jointly developed technologies."

JOANNEUM RESEARCH Research Company Ltd.

DI Dr Paul Hartmann

Univ.-Prof. for Technology of Nanomaterials, Institute Director

"For a niche company with highly individual solutions like Alpina Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, it is of utmost importance to have professional partners in the fields of simulation and biomimicry at your side. With SinusPro as our exclusive partner, we have enjoyed a long-standing, extremely productive partnership, through which quite a few projects have progressed from a vague idea to reality. Thanks to SinusPro's expertise, our products are optimally adapted to the topography of the respective venues and provide optimum wind protection for ski jumping facilities for the 2021 Nordic World Championships and the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, among others."

ALPINA Safety Systems GmbH

Philipp Hopfgartner