Nature has developed technical solutions that have already been optimized over millions of Years. With biomimicry, we lift this treasure trove of knowledge for you.

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The aim of bionics is to develop radically innovative and at the same time efficient solutions for technical problems. The ideas and functional principles for this come from organisms in nature. Every problem and every task in technology has already been solved in nature by one of the 8.7 billion different organisms.

After millions of years of natural selection, only those organisms have survived that have best mastered these technical tasks. Nature has thus developed solutions that have already gone through millions of optimisation cycles.

With the help of bionics, this huge treasure trove of knowledge can be brought into the technical industry to develop new products or improve existing ones.

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Lukas Reimann

Lukas Reimann

Ing., M. Sc.

Bionic Scientist & Analysis Engineer

Our Services in the Field of Biomimicry

Functional improvement and integration

Unique and at the same time a great strength of bionics is the optimisation of function. In nature, there is an enormous variety of functional principles that cannot be surpassed in terms of technical finesse and creativity. We take off the blinkers and optimise out-of-the-box for you. With extraordinary results.

Weight and Cost Optimization

In nature, the efficient use of materials and resources is the driving force for all organisms. We can take advantage of what nature has perfected over millions of years. We find the best combination of the properties "light" and "economical".

Component Integration

The full potential of bionics can be realised if one has the freedom to optimise entire assemblies. Nature is a master when it comes to integrating functions and components. The advantages for you are cost savings in manufacturing, assembly and maintenance. Functional expansion is also possible to further increase the added value of the assembly.

Material Optimization

How well a component can be optimised also depends on the choice of materials. Material changes and especially combinations are very effective methods to increase the performance of a component. In nature, materials are used specifically as part or extension of the component function. Depending on the manufacturing restrictions, we research and find the best materials for you.

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Your advantages from the biomimicry

Costs & Time

Thanks to bionics, you can skip many optimisation loops. This saves you time and money.

Competitive Edge

Secure a radical advantage and a unique selling proposition over your competitors.


Your component is more sustainable due to the increased efficiency and durability.

More Options

Even components that cannot be optimized using other Methods are improved using biomimicry.

News from the Biomimicry

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Bending instead of breaking
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The optimization of the sprinkler head on the model of fern leaf and cobra.
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