Digital Twin Simulation

The aim of the "digital twin" is to develop a realistic computer image in order to make the generation & interpretation of the component design more comprehensive and efficient.


Digital copy of your assembly for simulation and optimisation

The final product or concept is realised as a digital twin on the computer, whereby design development and idea generation can also be implemented. The virtual product is designed customer-specifically in a wide variety of simulations (FEM, MKS, CFD), bionic biomimically or numerically optimized and validated.

The digital twin enables an efficient development cycle, as all test bench tests are run virtually at an early stage. The test palette ranges from thermal and mechanical load tests to verification of the product's flow or heat transfer behaviour. In addition, influences from the manufacturing process (residual stresses, anisotropies, etc.) or influences from electrification are also taken into account as a whole in the evaluation of the products in a development cycle.

SinusPro has the expertise to build the simulation models close to reality. For example, welding seams, screws, forged, cast, laminated or 3D printed componentsrealistically simulated and mapped with the manufacturing and material properties on the computer.

For the creation of the digital twin, SinusPro has been using state-of-the-art CAE software solutions for thermal, mechanical and fluid simulation models for many years, in addition to software developed in-house. softwareFor many years, state-of-the-art CAE software solutions have been used for thermal, mechanical and fluid simulation models.

As a customer, you can draw on more than 20 years of experience in the field of CAE services and the associated development of simulation software. Numerous real products have already been translated into functional digital twins for a wide range of industrial sectors and subsequently evaluated and optimised. Did you know that we have expert status? On the basis of our calculations and simulations, we prepare independent expert opinions in the specialist areas of strength and functional fulfilment of assemblies.

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Dominik Fleischhacker

Dominik Fleischhacker

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Head of Analysis and Research

Our services in the field of simulation

Process Simulations

Simulations can be used to virtually run through a wide variety of manufacturing processes to see whether the selected process parameters are optimal for the component.

The portfolio includes casting, injection moulding, forging, welding and 3D printing simulations to investigate and optimise, for example, residual stresses, distortion or basic feasibility. In this way, the manufacture of the components can also be examined at an early stage and fed back into the product development.

Design of Assemblies

Due to the integration of functions and the increasing demands on the products, the range of different tests is becoming wider and wider. Simulation serves as a solution for this. By using a single virtual prototype, it is possible to prove a wide variety of requirements and to take these into account in the design development from the very beginning.

SinusPro's services in this field include static, thermal and dynamic simulations, such as crash & burst simulations, as well as fatigue evaluations & CFD flow simulations.

Optimization of Assemblies

Existing components or new concepts can be optimised with regard to the defined goals using a wide variety of numerical methods. As a result, mechanical properties (stiffness, strength, heat transfer, vibration behaviour) can be massively improved in a short time.

A technical component can also be optimized with regard to its production. It can be specially adapted to the manufacturing process and thus the feasibility, price and production times can be adjusted.

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Your advantages with the Digital Twin

Mapping of the entire development process

Virtual development enables the integration and, above all, the linkage

of all development steps - from the design development by means of optimisation

through design to process simulation.

Reduction of development times & costs

The virtual development enables the consideration of all test bench tests and

process parameters already at the beginning of the design generation. We only need one virtual test specimen for all tests.

Efficient & individually tailored to your needs

Virtual development allows us to automatically validate & evaluate the adaptation of the design - precisely tailored to the wishes of our customers.

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