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In your position, you bear great responsibility for many decisions in your company. In particular, questions regarding finances, time and resources as well as sustainable and efficient performance are constant companions for you. If you have recognized yourself in these lines, you are probably now asking yourself: Who could help me in this regard?

We as SinusPro have been offering professional consulting and expertise at the highest level since 2008. We do not want quick or short-lived, but sustainable, lasting and implementable solutions together with you for your concerns.

Based on our many years of experience, we know where the shoe pinches you, or a part is stuck. Therefore, we have made it our business to develop individual, safe and creative high-tech solutions. Your assemblies will be lighter, cheaper and above all more durable.

In order to find the optimal and customized answer to your concerns, we draw on our extensive Cross Industry Innovation know-how, our expertise with certified expert status and our wealth of data and empirical values from the past years. We are happy to assist you with any of your challenges and make them OUR business. In doing so, we pay attention to your wishes and, most importantly, your budget - Fair play is our top priority. If we have convinced you, then from now on you will no longer carry the burden on your shoulders alone.

As SinusPro, we look forward to improving your future in a sustainable way and making your business "greener".

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Christian Rieger

Christian Rieger

DI (FH), M.Sc.

Chief Executive Officer