Lightweight Design

Lightweight design makes components more efficient: more cost-efficient, more material-efficient and more performance-efficient.

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Lightweight design for an economical and ecological future

For all functional components, more weight also means higher costs in production and more costs in operation. The solution to this challenge lies in lightweight design . It not only saves money, but also conserves valuable resources and the climate.

The basic principle of lightweight design is sustainability: material is only used where it is actually needed. The "quality has weight" mindset has long been outdated and will even be penalized in the future. Sanctions are threatening more and more companies that fail to meet environmental targets (CO2 savings).

Companies that want to extract the full potential from their products and act in a more sustainable and cost-saving way cannot avoid lightweight design.

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Dominik Fleischhacker

Dominik Fleischhacker

Dipl.-Ing. (FH), B. Sc. (WU)

Head of Analysis and Research

We offer you an individual solution for your requirement with the following optimization processes:


Lightweight Optimization

From several available options, the best one for your request is selected under holistic consideration. This means that constraints from all areas of the value chain can be taken into account.

Lattice Optimization

The optimal lattice structure is the one that provides both strength and the lowest part weight. We advise you, develop lightweight concepts and you also have the possibility to use a unique commercially usable software solution to use.

Material and process optimization

Our combined knowledge of materials, simulation, manufacturing processes and bionics ensures you the

optimal components for you.

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Your advantages through lightweight design

Costs & Time

Thanks to our lightweight design philosophy, you can skip many optimization loops. This saves you time and money.

Competitive Edge

Secoure your radical lead and a unique selling point over the competition.


Your component becomes more sustainable due to the increased efficiency and reduced weight.

More Options

Where engineers' options stop, numerics has potential; where numerics stops, biology still has an ace up its sleeve.

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