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Value creation through rapid decision making for early strategic decisions

technical consulting

Technical consulting enables an early reduction of expenses and risks to a minimum through professional and independent expertise.

The neutral view on your component from the outside

Through our technical consulting we can ensure that your products pass through their development process faster and more cost-effective at an early stage of development.

Through our one-stop-shop concept, which combines real biomimicry with lightweight design, as well as simulation and expert know-how in the areas of 3D printing and material properties, we can scientifically validate these optimization ideas and test them for feasibility and series production readiness . Through our versatile team - consisting of old hands and young foxes - we can provide experience, innovation and flexibility at the highest level for your projects.

In technical consulting, we look at your task within the agreed framework:

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Martin Wetzel


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Through our years of know-how in Cross Industry Innovation we guarantee the delivery of the perfect solution for every problem in relation to the respective requirements. At customer's request we prepare an actual state or portfolio analysis in a workshop prior to a project in order to identify further optimization potentials in advance. potentials for optimization in advance. Often companies have unsuspected internal potential that cannot be identified without a professional external view.

It is essential to define the exact goals of the consulting scope before the project launch. The exact target of objectives is important to ensure that the result is correct and secured. It must also be exactly consistent with the defined strategic objectives. In this way, the project success and thus a real added value can be generated. Accurate target definition enables early identification and mitigation of potential risks. A rapid course correction, if necessary, is thus possible.

In the final step solutions are presented. Subsequently we also offer you support for the implementation of the measures through appropriate individual project management. This ensures the quality and success of the project results.

Your benefits through technical consulting

Professional external View

New perspectives through neutral and professional observation from outside via cross industry innovation expert know-how. Thereby we create unique solutions for all your problems, which can be backed up by an expert opinion if desired.



Independence from limited internal resources in the case of complex problems enables problem identification or solving and risk minimization at an early stage. This ensures that the defined content-related goals are achieved.

Competitive Edge

The expert one-stop-shop with a wide range of core competencies for all requirements makes it possible to increase competitiveness by reducing project effort, shorter development times, quicker time-to-market and thus maximizing profits.

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Our services in technical consulting


  • Biomimicry Workshop
  • Weight & Cost Reduction Workshop
  • Additive Manufacturing Potential Workshop
  • Digital Twin Workshop

Know-how transfer

  • Cross Industry Innovation
  • Concept development
  • Material selection
  • Production process
  • Feasibility study
  • Supplier selection

News from technical consulting

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Consulting for Alternative Manufacturing Methods
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